Ethics versus Policy

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I have a philosophical dilemma that brings me to the age old paradigm: What is the difference between a good man, a good employee, and a good citizen?

Lately I have been reading about, and experiencing issues regarding leadership that follows policy, so yeah, they always have justification. However, they are not always ethical. They do not follow up with their words, and when questioned about something, they refer back to questioning the employee if there was an email ‘approval’. They deploy stall tactics and don’t say anything with their bureaucratic language. Ever so ambiguous, they leave employees feeling like they walk on eggshells because no real direction is given, but when things go sour, the employee is held accountable, and the manager shifts blame.

So how does one address issues of character when leadership is interpreting policy to meet their decisions, regardless of how they conduct themselves daily? Employees are now hesitant to speak out for fear of retaliation.

Published by Willy Martinez

We aim to have quality conversations about “L”iterature within the genres of Horror, Sci-Fi and Fantasy. We feel that mainstream tends to neglect these genres as having real value in our communities. Reading and analyzing how we study fear and how writers use fear is important to find the monsters, the enemy, the feeling of isolation within our communities.

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