Birthday eBook Giveaway for Dark Fiction Lovers!

ebook giveaway

Yes you read that correct, Free stuff!

In observance of my Birthday weekend, beginning today, I am giving away TWO FREE EBOOKS! I’m giving away my non-fiction collection of essays, “On Writing Horror” and classic haunt collection, “Gothic America.” Click here for the Download links to choose what file versions you want. You must click on the “On Writing Horror” link first to be taken to the 2nd book download as well. Enjoy 🙂

All I ask is that you take the time to leave me some positive reviews for my “Mad Men” fiction anthology in return! And if you like dark fiction, make sure to purchase it as it is only $2.99 and support indie horror!

For Apple Store, click here.

For Barnes and Noble, here.

For Amazon, here.

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