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Mad Men

A three story horror short anthology by A.R. BraunMatt “Love-it or” Leavitt and Willy Martinez.

We start with Matt’s tale, a thought-provoking thriller which causes the reader to question his reality and what he fears within himself. The second tale explores the grotesque juxtaposed with beautiful nature, where the ending unfolds into a horrific dream, waking in even more terrible pain. The third tale is by seasoned horror writer, A.R. Braun – and his diabolical creatures never disappoint!  A.R. Braun’s goal is to be on the banned book list; we think this tale may just be evil enough to be considered. A must read before it does get banned!

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On Writing Horror

Written by Willy Martinez.

On Writing Horror amassed from an obsession to learn where the power of fear resides. An anthology of works studying the way in which writers evoke fear and how they may affect us. On Writing Fear is an index of terror, drawing from Aristotle, Longinus, Edmund Burke, Che Guevarra, Wordsworth, Foucault, H.P. Lovecraft, Todorov, and many more.

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Mad World

Release Date: Spring 2021

He’ll beat you up. Both in the cage and in his prose. Tapping into our deepest fears of isolation and uncertainty, Matt has a profound understanding of what makes man vulnerable. This collection of Dystopian fiction and poetry will have you questioning your own humanity. Debut collection by Matt “Love-it or” Leavitt.

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Dogman of Illinois

Written by A.R. Braun. Available now on Amazon.

Ari thinks life can’t get worse. He doesn’t know how wrong he is. He’s just divorced his abusive wife and is working a scam job, the only employment he can find in this troubled economy. Little does he know, across town, another man named Vic is going through the same thing, but not handling it as well. In fact, he’s casting a spell to change himself into a werewolf, or at least he thinks that’s what he’ll become.


This is who we really are. The myths behind the legends; the gatekeepers.

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