The Fantastic Genre: The Best Fiction

It’s the uncertainty of the fantastic genre that draws me in. It’s the journey rather than the result itself; take me beyond the threshold. Borrowing from the European Gothic tradition, the American Renaissance morphs the gothic into a uniquely American form. In this blog, I will shine a light on the ‘fantastic’ genre, in hopesContinue reading “The Fantastic Genre: The Best Fiction”

A History of Memes

In this post I would like to address the history of Memes through the lens of a discourse theorist, tracing their roots back to Western antiquity. A meme can be defined as an opinion given as judgment or advice, or as a contrived conclusion about what we all agree to be true. And it’s true thatContinue reading “A History of Memes”

Hottest Reads of the Summer

So far, it’s been a pretty fresh Summer. But that doesn’t mean the heat won’t hit us soon with walls of humidity and heat waves. June is also National Audio Book month, and in honor of Audio Books, we have ramped up our audio book listening. Here are the books we have read and recommendContinue reading “Hottest Reads of the Summer”

Book Review of “Human Alien” by Vika L. Coppens

A unique treasure, poetically written, “Human Alien” takes you into the soulful and creative depths of the narrator. This quaint tale of recovering from a break up, written by author, Vika L. Coppens, was visually captivating and woefully crafted to truly blend the feelings of isolation and humanity that we all feel at one pointContinue reading “Book Review of “Human Alien” by Vika L. Coppens”

Book Review of “Anoka” by Shane Hawk

If you are a fan of short horror collections, then look no further. Anoka by Shane Hawk is one of the better collections that I have read in quite a while. Mixing modern day horror with Indigenous lore makes these tales uniquely satisfying for those looking for something new in horror. Excerpt: “Welcome to Anoka,Continue reading “Book Review of “Anoka” by Shane Hawk”

Reading Good Fiction Part 3: “Shamengwa”

Reading good fiction can be a challenge these days with so many small presses and opportunities for writers – good and bad – to publish their works easily. Here in this three-part series, I will share my opinions and synopsis of three short stories in Literature. “Shamengwa” by Louise Erdrich This story deals with alienation,Continue reading “Reading Good Fiction Part 3: “Shamengwa””

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