Another video I recorded during this crisis, aimed at improving the mental health of our communities. Chaplain Doan reminds us of the new life that God brings in the Spring. Just as God will bring us through the hard times, bringing us new life.

Be a Mountain, or Lean On One – Inspirational Message

Chaplain Resident Catherine Thomas reminds us that it is OK to ask others for help when we need it. An ancient Somalian proverb says this: be a mountain, or lean on one. We should name our fears and address them.

15 Best Books on Coming up with Genius Ideas

There are thousands of books on creativity and innovation out there. Many are great, some are exceptional, but few stand (or will stand) the test of time. As an author and researcher on innovation myself, I keep a short list of books to recommend to leaders and entrepreneurs who need to jump-start their creative thinking. These are my personal favorites soContinue reading “15 Best Books on Coming up with Genius Ideas”