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Phantom World by A.R. Braun

Not for the faint of heart. These tales will have you cringing, turning your head, and wondering what kind of sick person would write such content. The answer to that question would be – A.R. Braun. His goal as a writer is to one day be included on the “banned books” list.

This collection of Hard-core horrors is his latest attempt in infamy. And honestly, these stories are brutal.

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phantom world at mind on fire books
Mad Men at Mind on Fire books

Mad Men

Mad Men is a disturbing dark fiction anthology written to better understand the sublime and the infinite strangeness that drives us all. The themes explored in this collection range from man versus self, man versus man, and man versus creature.

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On Writing Horror: The Art of Fear Appeals.

On Writing Horror amassed from an obsession to learn where the power of fear resides. An anthology of works studying the way in which writers evoke fear and how it may affect us. On Writing Fear is an index of terror, drawing from Aristotle, Longinus, Edmund Burke, Che Guevarra, Wordsworth, Foucault, H.P. Lovecraft, Todorov, and many more.

Available for download below for Free. All we ask is for an honest review!

On Writing Horror: The Art of Fear Appeals

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The Ritual Blog at Mind on Fire Books
Our Blog: The ritual is where we talk about books, art, film and occasionally, some pop-culture. Warm up your coffee, roll your medicine, kick up your feet, and elevate your thoughts with the ritual.

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