As the Mind on Fire Team arrives, thinking back to more innocent times before computer games & social media. How did we occupy ourselves?  

Book shop find

UNPLUG What’s the word for „book“ in your language? In my language it’s „Buch“. This shop appeared some weeks ago on my instagram screen and i‘m loving it! Thank you @raquel.cayuela for tagging #prettybookplaces #madrid #Repost @prettybookplaces #BOOKSHOP #bookseller #anthology #books #bookhaul #booklovers #kohamczytac #leer #leeresvida #leeresvivir

Today’s Book Haul

Today's #bookhaul rendered some interesting finds, from occult wisdom, to herbal remedies, to short fiction anthologies📚. It was a challenge though, the grandma at the door was rude and felt like charging me 5 bucks to be a friend of the library🤷‍♂️. I said sure, but a true friend doesn't charge you for their company …

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A Sad Day For Me

This is definitely the saddest news I have heard in a while. I just found out that the Villa Park Boxing Club will close after 25 years of serving the community, effective as of September 1st. I'm aware that all chapters come to an end, none the less, we can't prepare for them. This club has had …

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