Book Recommendations

Here are some great book recommendations for anyone who’d like to learn about trauma’s effect on the psyche and how to heal or brainwash yourself

Quetzal by Fer Aguilera Reyes

“Quetzal” by Designer, Fer Aguilera Reyes. An illustration inspired by the different cultures of pre-conquistador Guatemala.   #Design #Art #Illustrator #GraphicDesign #Graphics #Aztec #Mayan #CentralAmerica #Culture #Guatemala #Mexico  

Here are 9, Not so Lovey-Dovey Gods of Lust, Promiscuity and Alternative Love.

We are all familiar with the famous tale of cute little Cupid, but how about an evil, or, not so cute version? Even the gods have been known to perform a little strip tease, spy on others in the bathroom, drink too much, or teach the shepherds how to masturbate.