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The Cadaverous Writer: The Art of Fear Appeals.

Release Date: Fall 2020

An anthology of works studying the way in which writers evoke fear and how they may affect us. This investigation spans from the Gothic 1800’s, leading up through today’s modern Presidential speech by President Bush, declaring war on “Terror”, a term that left the American public on edge for over a decade.

Author: Willy Martinez

Mad World

Release Date: Fall 2020

He’ll beat you up. Both in the cage and in his prose. Tapping into our deepest fears of isolation and uncertainty, Matt has a profound understanding of what makes man vulnerable. This collection of Dystopian fiction and poetry will have you questioning your own humanity. Debut collection by Matt “Love-it or” Leavitt.


This is who we really are. The myths behind the legends; the gatekeepers.

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About Us:

We aim to have quality conversations about “L”iterature within the genres of Horror, Sci-Fi and Fantasy. We feel that mainstream tends to neglect these genres as having real value in our communities. Reading and analyzing how we study fear and how writers use fear is important to find the monsters, the enemy, the feeling of isolation within our communities.

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