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Mind on Fire Books is the home of dark fiction, science fiction, and fantasy. We bring you the best in imaginative, thrilling, and entertaining stories from indie authors around the world.

We understand that some of the best stories come from the unknown, so we’ve made sure to bring readers an experience that is as deep and mysterious as the stories it brings to life. Join us on an unforgettable journey as we explore the darker places of our imaginations.

New Releases!

La Siguanaba (English/Spanish)

Release Date: April 24, 2023 – Pre Order Available March 25th

Delve into an ancient tale of the Spanish conquest of the Mayan lands in Latin America and discover the truth behind La Siguanaba. Experience a story full of suspense, mystery, and adventure as you uncover the secrets of this mythical being.

Sumérgete en una antigua leyenda de la conquista española de tierras mayas en América Latina y descubre la verdad detrás de La Siguanaba. Experimenta una historia llena de suspense, misterio y aventura mientras descubres los secretos de esta leyenda.

phantom world

Phantom World: Hard Core Haunts

Into the sick mind of a hard-core horror acclaimed author, we go! Here, we will be introduced to unforgiving poltergeists, cute little ghost familiars, newly born ghost entities learning about the afterlife, a romantic couple stuck in the netherworld, and a few more paranormal experiences you won’t want to miss.

With such harsh karma affecting their transitions, it’s no wonder why these phantoms have chosen to haunt rather than ascend. They simply can’t. The tales concocted here are tales of tormented souls out for revenge or they are finding ways to fight off the boredom that comes with eternal damnation.

Available in paperback and ebook, here!

“There are elements of Clive Barker in the telling of these 8 macabre tales, with brutal frankness, and an anger at the unjust nature of a capricious God”

Critic, Dean Makin

Mad Men

A three story horror short anthology by A.R. BraunMatt “Love-it or” Leavitt and Willy Martinez.

We start with Matt’s tale, a thought-provoking thriller which causes the reader to question his reality and what he fears within himself. The second tale explores the grotesque juxtaposed with beautiful nature, where the ending unfolds into a horrific dream, waking in even more terrible pain. The third tale is by seasoned horror writer, A.R. Braun – and his diabolical creatures never disappoint!  A.R. Braun’s goal is to be on the banned book list; we think this tale may just be evil enough to be considered. A must read before it does get banned!

eBook available now at Google Books, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Apple iBooks, Smashwords, and Amazon.

Mad Men at Mind on Fire books
Indie Writers First

We are committed to only working with independent authors who bring fresh perspectives and unique voices to their works. We strive to highlight the literate in dark fiction and science fiction. We are passionate about helping independent writers find their place in the literary world by providing an opportunity to publish their work with us. We strive to provide a platform for unique voices in dark fiction and science fiction.

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Veteran Owned Company

Mind on Fire Books is a veteran-owned company committed to offering quality dark fiction and science fiction stories from new authors. Mind On Fire Books is proud to be veteran-owned and operated. As veterans ourselves, we understand the importance of supporting those who have served our country and are dedicated to giving back through both our business practice as well as donations back into veteran organizations.

If you have any questions, email our Publisher, Willy Martinez at martinez@mindonfirebooks.com

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