Like Two Skies For The Same Map: Best Flash Fiction

This flash fiction piece, “Like Two Skies” was recently written by Willy Martinez, in response to the accompanied artwork by Rob Hakemo on Instagram, here. Like a map with two skies, as if two worlds overlapped on the same dimensional frequency, collapsing on one another. The space purveyor had immersed from the disastrous collision. ThrownContinue reading “Like Two Skies For The Same Map: Best Flash Fiction”

The Best, 24th Century Dick by Daniel Smallegange: Book Review

The 24th Century Dick scores a 4 out of 4 coffees, hands down! “one of the most fun and creative literary rides we have had in a while.

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5 Things C E Hoffman’s Cat Taught Them About Life

The following philosophical-satire (if that’s a thing) was submitted by C E Hoffman, author of Sluts and Whores. But it has to be a thing, especially since writers love satire – I mean cats. Sluts and Whores is a short story collection in which each story questions stereotypes that are long out of date, mergingContinue reading “5 Things C E Hoffman’s Cat Taught Them About Life”

The Best Michael Crichton Quotes for Literature Lovers

Even if you have never heard of Michael Crichton, you have surely seen his movies. The most famous ones being, Jurassic Park, Sphere, Congo, The 13th Warrior, The Terminal Man, etc. We cannot deny the influence that Michael Crichton has had on our culture, thanks to the books to film translations. Interestingly though, he hasContinue reading “The Best Michael Crichton Quotes for Literature Lovers”

More Hot Summer Reads!

More Hot Summer Reads on audible, as we have ramped up our audio listenting this Summer while we do yard work, jog, and lay poolside! Last month we shared our recommendations on Audio book for Audio book month and we received some pretty positive feedback. That being said, this month we decided to share aContinue reading “More Hot Summer Reads!”

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