The Mind on Fire Books authors: connected through writing, our fictional goals focus on collating some of the most popular, and also unheard of texts that speak to the fans of sci-fi, fantasy and horror.

Willy Martinez

Publisher and Writer

He has always been attracted to the esoteric or the unknown. Addicted to coffee, Willy spends his weekends hunting for that rare horror/fantasy book in local thrift shops. Fusing his craft of marketing and love of book collecting, he set off to discover new writers in hopes of making Literary nerd friends.

A.R. Braun

Hardcore Horror and Sci-Fi Writer

A. R. Braun is the author of the novels, Dogman of Illinois, Heaven’s Witches, Autonomy, The Not and Only Women in Hell, as well as the short-story collections, Insanity, Horrorbook: Twenty-Two Tales of Terror, Grimoire, and the novella, 66SICK. He became interested in horror when he read “The Telltale Heart” as an assignment in high school. By the time he was eighteen, he had the whole Stephen King collection and started writing short stories for friends and family. His main goal was to put together a heavy-metal band, and he spent many years working blue-collar jobs and seeking out musicians, but never fell in with the right kind of guys. Click here for the full bio.

His recent release, “Dogman of Illinois” and can be purchased on Amazon here.

Matt “LOVEIT or” Leavitt

Poet and Fiction Writer

He’ll beat you up. Both in the cage and in his prose. Tapping into our deepest fears of isolation and uncertainty, Matt has a profound understanding of what makes man vulnerable. His collection of Dystopian fiction and poetry will have you questioning your own humanity. Follow him on Instagram and subscribe to our blog to receive updates on his latest work. His Debut collection of dystopian fiction, “Mad World,” is set to release in the Spring, 2021.

You can read some of his poetry here.

Cat (yes that’s his name)

Noise Maker – Purrveyor of horror

He chills in the library and helps promote horror through cuteness and shedding. And no sleeping in late cuz he will make sure you are awake at 6am…. 😦

For more Science Fiction and Dark Fiction from our press, please visit our Books page, or our Ritual Blog!

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