I Only Invite These People To My Personal Library

Because the rest of those people, simply do not deserve to see my collection.

Crazy AI Art Inspired by Four Kurt Vonnegut’s Science Fiction Quotes

Kurt Vonnegut’s influence on literature and the world of science fiction is immense. His works have inspired many, and his words continue to sparkle with meaning. Now, we can explore four of his most iconic science-fiction quotes through AI art. This gives us a unique opportunity to look at his quotes in a new way and gain new insights!

The Craft of Writing Characters with Messy Psychology

Written by Suzanne Berne author of the recent novel, The Blue Window, which was published in January 2023 by Marysue Rucci Books, a Scribner imprint. She is the author of four previous novels: The Dogs of Littlefield, The Ghost at the Table, A Perfect Arrangement, and A Crime in the Neighborhood, which won Great Britain’s Orange Prize, now The Women’sContinue reading “The Craft of Writing Characters with Messy Psychology”