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Mind on Fire Books takes pride in our books, being a small publisher and having the privilege of working with fellow indie writers, and small publishers. Here is what we have been able to publish so far, with more on the way!

Phantom World by A.R. Braun

Phantom World is a trip into the sick mind of a hard core horror acclaimed author! Here, we will be introduced to unforgiving poltergeists, cute little ghost familiars, newly born ghost-entities learning about the afterlife, a romantic couple stuck in the netherworld, and a few more paranormal experiences you won’t want to miss.

While some of these ectoplasmic beings may come across as innocent at times, their stories unfold in a manner to inform the reader as to why they were not allowed into the heaven, or allowed to have a “peaceful” afterlife.

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phantom world

Mad Men

A three story horror short anthology by A.R. BraunMatt “Love-it or” Leavitt and Willy Martinez.

We start with Matt’s tale, a thought-provoking thriller which causes the reader to question his reality and what he fears within himself. The second tale explores the grotesque juxtaposed with beautiful nature, where the ending unfolds into a horrific dream, waking in even more terrible pain. The third tale is by seasoned horror writer, A.R. Braun – and his diabolical creatures never disappoint!  A.R. Braun’s goal is to be on the banned book list; we think this tale may just be evil enough to be considered. A must read before it does get banned!

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On Writing Fear

An anthology of works studying the way in which writers evoke fear and how they may affect us. This investigation spans from the Gothic 1800’s, leading up through today’s modern Presidential speech by President Bush, declaring war on “Terror”, a term that left the American public on edge for over a decade.

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Author: Willy Martinez

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Gothic America: Collection of Gothic works prior to the 1900’s in America

Gothic America is a collection of a “Lucky 7” short vintage horror stories that were originally published prior to the 1900’s. This vintage throw back is set to be a horrific gathering for your very own Halloween gathering. These stories are quick, witty, and easily shareable with children in the room.  Perhaps not in the 1800’s, but today’s children are ready for these horrors as they are more subtle in nature. They are not gore-heavy, or littered with loud and grotesque imagery.  With the same friendly spirit that Washington Irving wrote The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, this collection is also intended to be shared in a group setting of all ages.  These stories are meant to be read aloud and in the dark.

No Longer Available for Download.

Edited and Illustrated by Giovanni J.M.

Ghost Children: Two Gothic Haunts by Mary E. Wilkins

The ghosts in “The Lost Ghost” and “The Wind in the Rose-Bush” are not restricted ghosts, and this is how these ghosts differ from the other ghosts of writers of Mary Eleanor Wilkins Freeman time such as Henry James, Sarah Jewett or Ambrose Bierce. These apparitions may seem cute, but think twice as these ghost children will leave you with goose bumps. This double feature of Mary E. Wilkins short fiction is creepy enough to leave you sleeping with the lights on.

No Longer Available for Download.

Edited and Illustrated by Giovanni J.M.

If you have any questions, email our Publisher, Willy Martinez at martinez@mindonfirebooks.com

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