My Summer TBR: Horror Fun in the Sun!

Who else is getting a little sick of being indoors? I’m not a super outdoorsy person, but I do enjoy the occasional venturing to places outside my home – you know, like the bookstore, the coffee shop, etc. Maybe once a year or so, my boyfriend & I will make a 2 hour drive toContinue reading “My Summer TBR: Horror Fun in the Sun!”

Literary Horror Birthday – 9 July – Thomas Ligotti

Happy Birthday, Thomas Ligotti, born 9 July 1953. Five Quotes To my mind, a well-developed sense of humour is the surest indication of a person’s humanity, no matter how black and bitter that humour may be. I’m completely indifferent to what genre I read provided that I feel sympathy with how a writer perceives being aliveContinue reading “Literary Horror Birthday – 9 July – Thomas Ligotti”

Monster Monday or Monday Motivation?

The week has just begun, get out there and terrorize that village… err, attack that work project with the tenacity of a laboratory engineered superhuman.

Henry James – Of Course I Was Under the Spell

“Of course I was under the spell, and the wonderful part is that, even at the time, I perfectly knew I was. But I gave myself up to it; it was an antidote to any pain, and I had more pains than one.” —THE TURN OF THE SCREW by Henry James, born on this day, April 15, 1843.

8 Legendary Monsters of Christmas

The customs of the holiday season, which include St. Nicholas Day, New Years Day, and Epiphany, as well as Christmas, often incorporate earlier pagan traditions that have been appropriated and adapted for contemporary use.

The Grey Lady of Willard Library

Willard Library of Evansville, Indiana has been dealing with an apparition for 80 years. She is known as the Grey Lady. It all began in 1876 when real estate and railroad mogul Willard Carpenter began to bring his dream of building a library into fruition. As a fervent abolitionist, it was his desire that the libraryContinue reading “The Grey Lady of Willard Library”