Six of The Most Terrifying Latin American Legends

Growing up in Central America is a culture teaming with oral traditions in Latin American Legends, no matter which country you visit.

Giants in America: The Smithsonian Cover-Up

While stories of this nature sound fantastical, there are numerous reports of skeletons of giants size appearing in newspaper articles from The New York Times and other reputable sources. The majority of these reports occur during the mid to late 19th century, which seems to be the turning point in a censored narrative that hasContinue reading “Giants in America: The Smithsonian Cover-Up”

The Strange Beast in Southern Illinois

The Strange Beast of Southern Illinois has returned after almost 80 years of peace. Until recently, when the small community of Carterville awoke to reports of a wild cat stalking the neighborhood, abducting livestock and attacking large animals. As I stubled around one recent morning, barely getting up and out of bed to gimp walkContinue reading “The Strange Beast in Southern Illinois”

Phantom World: Hard Core Haunts on Pre-Order

Phantom World: Hard Core Haunts by A.R. Braun – Release Date: September 22nd, The First Day of Fall This collection explores the bitter feelings of isolation, loss, and denounces religion from various personalities. Here, we will be introduced to poltergeists, newly born ghost-entities learning about the afterlife, and spirits that are stuck in the netherworld.Continue reading “Phantom World: Hard Core Haunts on Pre-Order”

More Hot Summer Reads!

More Hot Summer Reads on audible, as we have ramped up our audio listenting this Summer while we do yard work, jog, and lay poolside! Last month we shared our recommendations on Audio book for Audio book month and we received some pretty positive feedback. That being said, this month we decided to share aContinue reading “More Hot Summer Reads!”

The Fantastic Genre: The Best Fiction

It’s the uncertainty of the fantastic genre that draws me in. It’s the journey rather than the result itself; take me beyond the threshold. Borrowing from the European Gothic tradition, the American Renaissance morphs the gothic into a uniquely American form. In this blog, I will shine a light on the ‘fantastic’ genre, in hopesContinue reading “The Fantastic Genre: The Best Fiction”

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