Martin Luther King

As we celebrate the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr., it’s natural to remember his courageous advocacy for racial equity. But before he was assassinated, King had also begun to broaden his efforts to unify the around economic justice.

What Makes Sex With Each Zodiac So Orgasmic  — Thought Catalog

Aries Your enthusiasm. Taurus Your flexibility. Gemini Your adventurousness. Cancer Your generosity. Leo Your creativity. Virgo Your charisma. Libra Your playfulness. Scorpio Your patience. Sagittarius Your unpredictability. Capricorn Your confidence. Aquarius Your tenderness. Pisces Your vulnerability.What Makes Sex With Each Zodiac So Orgasmic  — Thought Catalog

Scifi Saturday

This alien invasion novel seems pretty cool. Has anybody read it? Also, what do you think of this 2010 Stephan Martiniere cover! Publisher’s blurb “The launch of a new science fiction adventure series--by the New York Times-best selling author of the Safehold series and the Honor Harrington seriesThe Galactic Hegemony has been around a long … Continue reading Scifi Saturday