Book Review of Folk Horror Thriller, “The Reddening” by Adam Neville

The following review was written by Horror author, A.R. Braun. We have not evolved. Old gods and savage murders are still happening in Brickburgh, England. Katrine, a lifestyle journalist, escaped from horrors of the past by moving to a coast. Seaside holidays and the beauty of nature, what could go wrong? Human remains and prehistoricContinue reading “Book Review of Folk Horror Thriller, “The Reddening” by Adam Neville”

15 of the Best Quotes from “Fahrenheit 451” by Ray Bradbury

I fell in love with the book from the first line: “It was a pleasure to burn.” There aren’t many books that have pulled me in so deeply with just a few words but this was one of them. With those six simple words the author, Ray Bradbury, conveys Montag’s obvious satisfaction with his lifeContinue reading “15 of the Best Quotes from “Fahrenheit 451” by Ray Bradbury”


Today we launch our first multi-author fiction anthology exploring three disturbing tales about the nature of man and the true nature of what lies inside of him. The cost is only 2.99, so that’s one dollar a story and all of our writers are indie horror authors. Available on all major platforms. Mad Men isContinue reading “🚨🚨BOOKLAUNCH!🚨🚨”

Hereditary: Film Review by Horror Author, A.R. Braun

This is the film that restored my faith in American cinema. Previously, I felt one had to watch a foreign flick for a good scare. Ari Aster is my favorite writer/director, the only American making shocking films right now. And this film WILL scare you. Also important is Toni Collette, who gives a lights-out performance,Continue reading “Hereditary: Film Review by Horror Author, A.R. Braun”

Faceless – 100 Word Short Story

She had always wanted to be beautiful. She had read about the power of love and beauty in the nefarious dead-fairy tales of the underworld. This could never be her. Yet, she never gave up. She read voraciously about the fiction of the nether world histories. Summoning a Djin from a rescued incantation, she usedContinue reading “Faceless – 100 Word Short Story”

MindFuck: A Poem by A.R. Braun

What was before The universe was created? Was God alone? Exasperated?   Before the universe There was nothing My mind can’t take it There had to have been something!   Our small brains Can’t comprehend The beginning Any more than the end   God was alone In an all-dark zone Losing his mind Before thereContinue reading “MindFuck: A Poem by A.R. Braun”