Mad Men

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Cover for Mad Men, published by Mind on Fire Books 2020

Mad Men is a disturbing dark fiction anthology written to better understand the sublime and the infinite strangeness that drives us all. The themes explored in this collection range from man versus self, man versus man, and man versus creature.

We start with Matt’s tale, a thought-provoking thriller which causes the reader to question his reality and what he fears within himself. The second tale explores the grotesque juxtaposed with beautiful nature, where the ending unfolds into a horrific dream, waking in even more terrible pain. The third tale is by seasoned horror writer, A.R. Braun – and his diabolical creatures never disappoint!  A.R. Braun’s goal is to be on the banned book list; we think this tale may just be evil enough to be considered. A must read before it does get banned!

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Mainstream Horror Shorts don’t always satisfy us in the way they should. They don’t open conversations about what it is that we fear or why we fear such things, they focus mainly on pop culture and gore. The writers in this anthology understand the need for literate horror, opening discussions of man’s psyche. When these writers set out to tell a story, they are less interested in conveying fear and more interested in wonder, the sublime, and the infinite strangeness that drives all man and woman. Highly recommended for tweens, teens, and adults.

Mad Men is a three story horror short anthology by A.R. BraunMatt “Love-it or” Leavitt and Willy Martinez.

Table of Contents

Ch 1. “The Fisherman” by Matt Leavitt
Ch 2. “Flora” by Willy Martinez
Ch 3. “Little Ghoul” by A.R. Braun

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