“Women of the Dunes” by Sarah Maine – Book Review @AtriaBooks #NetGalley @SarahMaineBooks #WomenOfTheDunes

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“Years, after all, are only numbers. Time is a continuum, but is it linear or coiled in cycles?” This haunting story is told via three separate time-lines.Ulla (800 A.D.) – a pagan Norsewoman who comes ashore the western Scottish coast with her injured lover and plundered bounty. She enlists the aid…

THE BIGFOOT FILES : Chapter Twenty-One / On the Trail of Bigfoot: The Legend

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Fresh from watching the outstanding 2020 documentary Track: Search for Australia’s Bigfoot, I was thrilled to see another recently released documentary titled On the Trail of Bigfoot: The Legend appear in my Amazon Prime “Movies we think you’ll like” list. Unlike Track, On the Trail of Bigfoot is more a…

“Go to hell, Roberto” | Roberto Bolaño’s The Unknown University

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The Unknown University, Roberto Bolaño’s poetry collection—his complete poems, a bilingual edition, lovely, beautiful, over 800 pages—has been shifted all over my messy house this past month, wedged into ad hoc shelves, even conspicuously, for a time, fatly weighing down another Bolaño text, The Insufferable Gaucho (which I’ve been reading in tandem with/against The Unknown University), swollen and warped…

Chilling Chat: Episode #187 — MJ Preston

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MJ Preston is a horror author and artist living in Canada. He has written about everything from native monsters hunting in modern-day, with his straight horror, The Equinox, to mind-controlling, bone-eating aliens, in the epic, Acadia Event, and now he’s taking you into the mind of the darkest monster of…

“The Plague” by Albert Camus

There is no more important book to understand our times than Albert Camus’s The Plague, a novel about a virus that spreads uncontrollably from animals to humans and ends up destroying half the population of a representative modern town. Camus speaks to us now not because he was a magical seer, but because he correctlyContinue reading ““The Plague” by Albert Camus”