“The Plague” by Albert Camus

There is no more important book to understand our times than Albert Camus’s The Plague, a novel about a virus that spreads uncontrollably from animals to humans and ends up destroying half the population of a representative modern town. Camus speaks to us now not because he was a magical seer, but because he correctlyContinue reading ““The Plague” by Albert Camus”

Italian Mayor Uses Drones to Scream Profanities at Residents Ignoring Lockdown

A mayor in Italy has taken another novel, drone-based approach to encouraging Messina residents to stay indoors during the coronavirus crisis, which has affected Italy worse than any other country.

What Makes Sex With Each Zodiac So Orgasmic  — Thought Catalog

Aries Your enthusiasm. Taurus Your flexibility. Gemini Your adventurousness. Cancer Your generosity. Leo Your creativity. Virgo Your charisma. Libra Your playfulness. Scorpio Your patience. Sagittarius Your unpredictability. Capricorn Your confidence. Aquarius Your tenderness. Pisces Your vulnerability. What Makes Sex With Each Zodiac So Orgasmic  — Thought Catalog

8 Horror Novels that are Based on Real Historical Events

Originally posted on Mind on Fire Books:
I have always gravitated toward works of horror, even at a young age. At first, I read whatever I could find on my parents’ bookshelves. John Saul. V.C. Andrews. Stephen King. They lit a fire in me, made me curious about all the things that might be out there.…