I Only Invite These People To My Personal Library

Because the rest of those people, simply do not deserve to see my collection.

Yannis Ritsos – Poems, Volume I

Terminus He goes of course looks elsewhere tries to avoid what follows him like a coat on his back and he can’t even undress – it’s cold especially in intersections where shopkeepers behind display windows or even outside on sidewalks look with a demanding glance at every passerby And he feels their glances inside hisContinue reading “Yannis Ritsos – Poems, Volume I”

The Supernatural Power of the Sublime in William Wordsworth’s Poetry

Williams Wordsworth is of course and undoubtedly one of the most influential romantic poets of his era. In addition to his panegyric theme of nature in his work, many critics discuss/debate the supernatural imagery in his Lucy poems or temporality in “The Prelude”, but I would like to study Wordsworth’s application of rhetoric: “We needContinue reading “The Supernatural Power of the Sublime in William Wordsworth’s Poetry”