La Siguanaba

La Siguanaba (English/Spanish)

Release Date: April 24, 2023 – Pre Order Available March 25th

Delve into an ancient tale of the Spanish conquest of the Mayan lands in Latin America and discover the truth behind La Siguanaba. Experience a story full of suspense, mystery, and adventure as you uncover the secrets of this mythical being.

Sumérgete en una antigua leyenda de la conquista española de tierras mayas en América Latina y descubre la verdad detrás de La Siguanaba. Experimenta una historia llena de suspense, misterio y aventura mientras descubres los secretos de esta leyenda.

La Siguanaba is a mysterious figure in Central American folklore that has captured the imagination of many. She is a supernatural woman figure who appears to men in the night, often with a beautiful face and long hair, but hides her true form behind it.

The figure of La Siguanaba has been shrouded in mystery for centuries, and her story has been passed down through generations. Many believe that she is a dark female figure who brings bad luck to those who cross her path. However, there may be more to this mysterious figure than meets the eye – some say that she carries powerful symbols of transformation and power.

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La Siguanaba

“I wanted to briefly touch on the deeper conflicts going on during this conquest, such as the rape of the local women, and the demonization of the native spiritual traditions by the Catholic church.”

Willy Martinez, Author of La Siguanaba
La Siguanaba

The Traditional tale about the Siguanaba highlights a woman that roams the countryside searching for local drunks walking home alone at night. At first, she lures in the men with her beauty and singing. Once up close, the Siguanaba transforms into a hideous woman said to resemble a horse face. The idea is to scare the men away from promiscuity and to not simply approach every beautiful woman they see alone in the dark. In some instances, the men are said to go mad after an attempt at seducing the Siguanaba.

This version of The Siguanaba takes a different perspective.  Somewhat of an origins story, this version takes place in the early 1520s during the Spanish invasion of Central America.

The tale follows General Pedro De Alvarado. Pedro de Alvarado was one of the commanders under the direction of Hernan Cortez during the conquests of Cuba, the Yucatan Peninsula, and other parts of Central America.

After recovering from a battle with the Pipil tribe located in present-day El Salvador, Alvarado embarks on a journey to find Xibalba or the underworld. What he finds is a horrific creature from the underworld itself – in true Xibalba style – in which the Gods present themselves to punish the humans for their actions.

About the Author

For Willy, nothing resonates more than a story with some good Fear appeal.

For over 17 years, Willy has learned to become a jack of all trades – which, one has to be if one wants to survive as a multimedia guy. He has worked with big film production companies, successfully fundraised for various non-profit organizations, and runs a USA-registered Boxing Club.

In his off time, he makes time to write poetry, short fiction, blogs for The Ritual, and publish content for Mind on Fire Books.

Willy Martinez is a featured writer in our fiction anthology, “Mad Men” – a collection of three disturbing tales exploring what lies within man. Available now at Google BooksBarnes and NobleKoboApple iBooksSmashwords, and Amazon.

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