Publisher and Horror Writer

He has always been attracted to the esoteric or the unknown. Addicted to coffee, Willy spends his weekends hunting for that rare horror/fantasy book in local thrift shops. Fusing his craft of marketing and love of book collecting, he set off to discover new writers in hopes of making Literary nerd friends.

Willy Martinez, Horror Writer and Publisher

In addition to running this small press and publishing most of the blogs here, he has also released an anthology of non-fiction works, studying the ways in which writers use fear appeals to precipitate horror. This is a culmination of works written while studying for his Masters degree. He felt his professors didn’t quite understand his vision so he chose not to publish with the university. Instead, he followed his gut and published it here, formally known as, “On Writing Fear” – a collection of essays.

His next goal is to transition to writing fictional shorts, blending horror with the fantastic. He attempts this in the short three story anthology, “Mad Men.”

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