Today’s Affirmation

Today's Affirmation: I joyously flow with the changes the Divine Plan for My Life Produces.   To reach our potential, we have to change. Sometimes it's uncomfortable. That's ok.   #Inspiration #Motivation #FeelGood #PositiveVibes #Karma #Boss #Love #Healing #Growth #Development

A Sad Day For Me

This is definitely the saddest news I have heard in a while. I just found out that the Villa Park Boxing Club will close after 25 years of serving the community, effective as of September 1st. I'm aware that all chapters come to an end, none the less, we can't prepare for them. This club has had …

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5 Toxic Habits You Have Quit to be Happier

My toxic habits are that I'm lazy and I love life. I also sincerely believe that productivity is the key skill that leads to a successful career and happy life. Why? When you're productive, you know how to get the right things done so you never have to worry about the outcome of your career. You'll always …

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