World Mental Health Day

I’m sharing this as a throw back and as a post to raise awareness for Mental Health.  When I was first discharged as a Marine under medical conditions, I was not a happy camper.  While glad to be alive and with my family, there was something missing.  I did not transition well having been separated from my fellow Marines whom I had just served with in combat in Iraq in 2003.  I felt as if that warrior spirit and mentality was lost.

I suffered from depression.  Yes, I was going to school, and working, and completing all of those requirements that society deems as ‘successful.’  But I was not alive on the inside.  However, you couldn’t tell based on my external appearance.


We may not always have days where we feel like rock stars, but the Military ingrained it in us to be well dressed when we aren’t training in the field.  Uniform after Uniform inspection, until we were squared away; well shaven, shiny boots, uniform ironed, no loose strings on clothing.

Keep in mind that who we are is what lay inside us, and not on us.  Just because someone looks sharp and is successful, it may be a totally different story on the inside.

The point of this post is to promote Mental Health Awareness, while at the same time, I want to encourage that fighting spirit, “Dress Sharp, Be Sharp.”

Published by Willy Martinez

Willy Martinez is a creative writer, Integrated Marketing Specialist, and Boxing coach. Since being honorably discharged from the Marines in 2004, he has pursued his passion for telling stories, whether they be through film, graphic design, and writing for digital art.

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