Today we launch our first multi-author fiction anthology exploring three disturbing tales about the nature of man and the true nature of what lies inside of him. The cost is only 2.99, so that’s one dollar a story and all of our writers are indie horror authors. Available on all major platforms. Mad Men isContinue reading “🚨🚨BOOKLAUNCH!🚨🚨”

How to Write a Great Short Story – The 8-Point Story Arc

Writer Wednesday: Learn with us as we uncover an 8 point story arc for crafting a short story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0HEqI3pJIM&t=7s

The Inability to Pay Attention to Any One Thing

Paraprosexia is the inability to pay attention to any one thing (a state of constant distraction).

William’s Burroughs Quote

There was a time when authors and musicians travelled around the world, searching for inspiration. In those days William Burroughs was born. What’s your favourite book by him?

From Plato to Longinus: A Brief History on Writing and Arrangement

Every speech must be put together like a living creature, with a body of its own; it must be neither without head now without legs

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