Top Rated Library Movies You Can Check Out Now

Top Rated Library Movies You Can Check Out Now

Top 8 Books from Nicaragua on Politics

The Central American country of Nicaragua has a rich and varied political history that has been well-documented in a number of books over the years. From books that explore the relationship between the Sandinista government and the United States during the Nicaraguan Revolution to books that examine the current political landscape of this fascinating country,Continue reading “Top 8 Books from Nicaragua on Politics”

The Fantastic Fear in Black History Fiction

In observance of Black History month, Willy Martinez brings to life the first Fantastic work of fiction written by a colored American. The text is Sutton E. Griggs’s novel, Imperim in Imperio, published in 1899. Imperium in Imperio: Self-published in 1899 and sold door-to-door by the author, this classic Black-American novel—a gripping exploration of oppression,Continue reading “The Fantastic Fear in Black History Fiction”