Save the World, Eat Children: Review of A Modest Proposal by Author Jonathan Swift

Save the World, Eat Children: A Modest Proposal by Author Jonathan Swift

8 Horror Novels that are Based on Real Historical Events

I have always gravitated toward works of horror, even at a young age. At first, I read whatever I could find on my parents’ bookshelves. John Saul. V.C. Andrews. Stephen King. They lit a fire in me, made me curious about all the things that might be out there. All the things we cannot prove. GhostsContinue reading “8 Horror Novels that are Based on Real Historical Events”

On Emily Bronte

Emily Brontë’s work on Wuthering Heights cannot be dated, and she may well have spent a long time on this intense, solidly imagined novel. It is distinguished from other novels of the period by its dramatic and poetic presentation, its abstention from all comment by the author, and its unusual structure. It recounts in theContinue reading “On Emily Bronte”

Unplug With a Good Book

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Fidel Castro Versus Shakespeare – Who did it better?

In Henry 6 part 2, Jack Cade attempts to overthrow the crown by means of a peasant’s revolt.  According to Che Guevara’s Guerilla Warfare manual, Jack Cade had two fundamental aspects on the conduct of revolutionary movement which should have secured a victory: popular forces and an active insurrection, though, Cade fails due to aContinue reading “Fidel Castro Versus Shakespeare – Who did it better?”

Frankenstein in Baghdad Review

Frankenstein in Baghdad is a must read! I recently finished it this week and I must say I’m very impressed with this translation and even more so with the story, it’s magical realism mixed with Middle Eastern mysticism.  The cast of characters blend together like the creature #Frankenstein itself does, the way he’s sewn togetherContinue reading “Frankenstein in Baghdad Review”

Gorgeous Horror Movies of the Past

We’ve turned our lens onto the great, gorgeous horror movies of the past. Here are 16 utterly gorgeous horror films, and what made each of them so great. Near Dark (1987) This vampire Western centers around a pack of wild, roaming vampires and the small-town farm boy they’ve recently abducted. “Despite the fact that theContinue reading “Gorgeous Horror Movies of the Past”