Book Review by Lea Ryan: Art & Fear: Observations On the Perils (and Rewards) of Artmaking

Book Review on Art and Fear, originally written by Lea Ryan, author of several books and stories, including the bestselling novella, What the Dead Fear.

5 Summer Reads to Read Right Now!

So far, it’s been a pretty fresh Summer. But that doesn’t mean the heat won’t hit us soon with walls of humidity and heatwaves. June is also National Audio Book month, and in honor of Audio Books, we have ramped up our audiobook listening. Here are the books we have read and recommend for yourContinue reading “5 Summer Reads to Read Right Now!”

Midsommar Movie Review by A. R. Braun

The Following Midsommar movie review was written by dark fiction author, A.R. Braun, to be released on the Ritual Blog for Mind on Fire Books. I put off watching this film because it seemed artsy-fartsy. Don’t make that mistake. Ari Aster’s second horror movie after Hereditary WILL freak you out. If you’ve seen Hereditary, thenContinue reading “Midsommar Movie Review by A. R. Braun”

Horror Book Review, “The Reddening” by Adam Neville

The following review on “The Reddening” was written by Horror author, A.R. Braun. We have not evolved. Old gods and savage murders are still happening in Brickburgh, England. Katrine, a lifestyle journalist, escaped from horrors of the past by moving to a coast. Seaside holidays and the beauty of nature, what could go wrong? HumanContinue reading “Horror Book Review, “The Reddening” by Adam Neville”

Hereditary: Film Review by Horror Author, A.R. Braun

The following film review on “Hereditary,” was written by horror writer, A.R. Braun, author of “Little Ghoul.” This is the film that restored my faith in American cinema. Previously, I felt one had to watch a foreign flick for a good scare. Ari Aster is my favorite writer/director, the only American making shocking films rightContinue reading “Hereditary: Film Review by Horror Author, A.R. Braun”

The Manitou – Horror Book Review

The Manitou is definitely Graham Masterton’s bread-and-butter, the series being the best books he’s ever written. He went on to write many great novels, a total of 101 in all! Book review written by horror author, A.R. Braun. In 1976’s The Manitou, based in San Francisco, something is growing on the back of an attractiveContinue reading “The Manitou – Horror Book Review”

German Expressionism and The Legacy of Dr. Caligari

It’s November which, for some film fans, means it’s time for the ultra-hashtaggable month-long celebration of all things Film Noir: #Noirvember.

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