The Story of Kundalini

“MahaShivRatri” – or The Story of Kundalini –

The dance of creation had sent out ripples across the new universe.

The Story of Kundalini
The Story of Kundalini

Forming the dense atmosphere, tectonic forces ardently sculpt the myriad earthly forms.

The sun is born and has taken to it’s elliptical path, the energy which moves it, is everywhere now.

What would become of this energy in the coming time, Oh Adinath, asks Parvati still in his embrace?

When the energy is not misused by arrogance, conflict, violence, vanity, then it will start to apprehend the true source of its being, it will rise up to illuminate the sun within. Celebrating the union of pure energy with pure Love.

When humanity will meet the sun within, it’s then the “Kundalini” will be truly awakened.

It will not be composed of colors or rings of power, magical substance or astral dimensions, which people by mistake would confuse it with. If you are enjoying this article, check out our other Literary reads, here.

This energy is removed from the emotion of malice, destruction and indulgent habits, devoted completely towards compassion and harmony.

It rises up to he mind’s eye and makes humanity see the oneness in all beings.

The Story of Kundalini
The Story of Kundalini

Shiva sees that Parvati is blooming with light, her forehead had becomes the rainbow and she had taken over Shiva’s heart.

The cosmic sahasra, thousand petal lotus chakra, which represented all of creation and its interwoven spirit, erupted in celebration like a fountain in their reverence.

With that moment melting into eternity, both losing their selves and leaving all divisions behind, becomes Love.

Story : Abhi.

Full credit goes to Abhi @abhiart. You can find him on Instagram!


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