Phantom World Celebrating One Year of Hardcore Haunts

Phantom World by A.R. Braun

Join me in celebrating this books’ First Anniversary. Phantom World is the first book I have worked on that was published both in print, and digital!

Written by horror author A.R. Braun. Thank you A.R. Brain for believing in me, and for writing these killer stories for literary consumption.

A.R. Braun writes this book from his own personal experiences in dabbling with the occult and esoteric. As horror author of over 14 publications, this collection of ghost stories spans over 9 years of writing experience. And simply put, the ghosts in this anthology are jerks.

Phantom World is a trip into the sick mind of a hard core horror acclaimed author! Here, we will be introduced to unforgiving poltergeists, cute little ghost familiars, newly born ghost-entities learning about the afterlife, a romantic couple stuck in the netherworld, and a few more paranormal experiences you won’t want to miss.

Phantom World by A.R. Braun

While some of these ectoplasmic beings may come across as innocent at times, their stories unfold in a manner to inform the reader as to why they were not allowed into the heaven, or allowed to have a “peaceful” afterlife.

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With such harsh karma affecting their transitions, its no wonder why these phantoms have chosen to haunt rather than ascend. They simply can’t. The tales concocted here are tales of tormented souls out for revenge or they are finding ways to fight off the boredom that comes with eternal damnation.

So keep the lights on, and don’t read these tales alone. Who knows if you’ll be haunted next, or reach the end of the line?

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Buy eBook for only $4.99 below!

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