Haunted by Spirits: Poem by Thor S. Carlsson

Better let her write a rosy death letter,
Fanatic phantoms are trying to get her,
Spirits have haunted her ever since you met her,
She brushes possessions off like they don’t matter,
Mechanically magical, she tends to go manic and feral,
Eyes dilate and her smile will fade
Loving growls barked not through hate
This is the woman you married
The one you always wanted to date
Fictitious and studious, verbal but mute
She saunters through pagan woods, destitute
Leans towards the dark and less traveled route
Mohawk rangers slip in and out of cover
She cries silently for help to you, her lover

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Haunted by Spirits: Poem by Thor S. Carlsson

Thor S. Carlsson is an Icelandic writer, poet and musician. Thor is listed as an Amazon author with a short story collection called, “Somnambulist Sonata,” and with a short story listed in Writers in Lockdown. You can read more of his poetry at at Instagram, here.

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