Mac Miller and Rumi Make a Ritual To Read to Each Other, by Megan Willome

Intro Whilst perusing the interwebs, we came across this wonderfully creative intersection of culture, perspective, and philosophy. Megan Willome, author of The Joy of Poetry: How to Keep, Save & Make Your Life With Poems, shares with us her thoughts on Rumi and Mac Miller. Wait, but why those two? A Ritual to Read to EachContinue reading “Mac Miller and Rumi Make a Ritual To Read to Each Other, by Megan Willome”

Poetry of Ted Hughes

In honor of Ted Hughes Birthday, I share with you a few poems from “Birthday Letters.” The Birthday letters are addressed to literary giant, sylvia Plath, his love and first wife before her untimely death. Ted Hughes (1930-98) was poet laureate to the queen Elizabeth II.

“Pacman” a Poem by Matt ‘Loveit or’ Leavitt

I’m down to the wire with just one life left and every morning it starts anew, asking me if I’m ready. I never had a choice. I’ve been here before. I’m stuck in a maze and every time I think I found my way out, I open the front door into my own living room.

Monday Thoughts To Stir The Mind

Just some Monday thoughts from a quick writing prompt I collaborated on, along with two other poets on Haiku Jam to start the week. If you are enjoying this article, we have more great Literary content on The Ritual Blog here.

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