Book Recommendations

Here are some great book recommendations for anyone who’d like to learn about trauma’s effect on the psyche and how to heal or brainwash yourself

The Paranoia Switch, Martha Stout ⁣

The Myth of Sanity, Martha Stout ⁣

Awaken the Tiger, Peter Levine ⁣

The Dance of Anger, Harriet Lerner ⁣

Power vs Force, David Hawkins⁣

The Little Book of Consciousness, Shelli Joye ⁣

Morphic Resonance, Rupert Sheldrake ⁣

Becoming Supernatural, Dr. Joe Dispenza

Published by Willy Martinez

We aim to have quality conversations about “L”iterature within the genres of Horror, Sci-Fi and Fantasy. We feel that mainstream tends to neglect these genres as having real value in our communities. Reading and analyzing how we study fear and how writers use fear is important to find the monsters, the enemy, the feeling of isolation within our communities.

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