Survivor Song Book Review by A.R. Braun

This week’s Book Review is for “Survivor Song,” written by Paul Tremblay. A big thanks to Horror Author, A.R. Braun for this excellent book review.

I think the most disturbing aspect of this novel is that it’s about a pandemic raging through the country. Sound familiar?

Time for quarantine in Massachusetts, and curfew—what are they, 15?—due to a raging case of rabies that affects animals AND humans. Basically, it’s zombies dressed-up. The protagonist is a lovable character named Natalie, a married pregnant woman. One of the infected gets into her house, and Nat can kiss her husband goodbye. Brutal.

Natalie calls her friend, Ramola (Rams). There’s only one problem: Nat’s been infected, and Rams refuses to accept the truth. She drives her to the hospital, where Rams uses her clout as a pediatrician, and they end up on a bus, because the hospital’s full.

But it’s a short ride as Nat begins to turn.

Survivor Song Book Review

Making files on her cell phone for her unborn daughter, Nat knows she’s infected, but also won’t accept it. Eventually, it’s off the bus for them, and with the aid of a few teens fighting the good fight, they stave off those completely infected. But how long can they keep this up, with more and more wounded soldiers falling as they live on borrowed time?

Is there any hope for Nat? Will the teenage boys be able to avoid infection? Is there any hope for anyone? One thing’s for sure: This book will give you the creeps, a little too close to home.

Horror Author A.R. Braun
A.R. Braun on Mind on Fire Books

Survivor Song Book review by Horror Writer, A.R. Braun. Check out his latest short story, “Little Ghoul,” here.

A.R. Braun is a featured writer in our fiction anthology, “Mad Men” – a collection of three disturbing tales exploring what lies within man. Bull book description below.

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