The Dream Began to Dream – Poem

A dark cloud bearing the water, 
traversed many realms, searching…
as it yearned to rain, 
upon seeing the rays of light, 
It asked them to help him,
to release the water, the weight, the burden,
the mountains too came to help,
but none could help release its waters, 
Then the cloud looked at the parched Earth,
the faces of birds, the petrified branches, 
The cracks & rashes on the land, 
and it started to weep, it felt like singing,
The rays blended in those waters,
merging day and night, 
fading time over a world asleep, 
germinating dreams of torrential rebirth, 
an emptiness enveloped…
…and the dream began to dream again.

Poem by Abhi Art. If you are enjoying this guest post, check out some of our other Literary reads, here.

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