The Craziest Things Librarians Found in Returned Books!

Your local librarians want to know if you would use a tampon as a bookmark? Crazy question, we know… but it’s a legit question.

 Do you think of library work as always placid and pleasant? Then think about having to handle the following objects which were found in returned library books:

A dead frog

A used band-aid

A leaking Ketchup packet.

Nail clippings


A tampon

A dozen baby cockroaches

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A used Q-Tip

A used condom (In a Bible!)


A grilled cheese sandwich

Dental Floss

Toilet Paper

An ad for lap dances (in a children’s book!)

A dirty diaper

Pornographic photos

A slice of bologna

Attention library patrons! The next time you’re tempted to mark your place in one of our books with insects, snacks, porn or anything that used to be part of your body, please do your local librarians a big favor and JUST DOG-EAR THE @#$% PAGE!

Originally written by Roz Warren at Medium.

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