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2020 Was My Year

2020 was my year. Despite the pandemic, my wife and I were fortunate enough to be able to continue working. And I was able to continue giving back to the community and growing.

For years I had wanted to learn yoga from an educational viewpoint and not just take classes here and there. I was able to do that virtually this year, thanks to covid. In September, I earned my 200 hour yoga certificate while learning from home.

I was also able to finally put together a boxing class for kids. I had been teaching adults, but I truly wanted to transition to teaching our youth. I was able to work with at least 15 kids this year. I currently run a class with about 9 to 10 kids. Although we weren’t able to travel for competition, I have still been able to train new kids with no prior fight experience and at a much more detailed pace for them to learn proper technique.

I published my non fiction anthology, which my graduate teachers said I would never do. In spite of them, I started my own business and published my work exactly how I wanted to do it. And now I’m working with two other writers to publish their fiction works.

I’m more stable in life, and I have finally let go of my former self and what I was expecting of that person. I can say I’m more mindful, I can appreciate these moments. As a Veteran, I’m not continually angry for no reason, well, at least not every day.

And the best part is, I have even bigger plans for 2021. Life is like riding a bike, you gotta keep moving or it doesnt work. Whether your physically moving or mentally developing, or spiritually growing, keep it moving.

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