Acoustic Levitation Lecture

During one of our weekly Toastmaster meetings with the Marion VA Toastmasters Club, I delivered a lecture on Acoustic Levitation. It’s only about a seven minute lecture, check it out below. The links to the videos and research are also listed under the imbedded video.

Levitating droplets of water: 

Another example:

Ultrasonic levitation:

Read the whole paper here:

A few years ago, sonic drilling technology was developed by NASA as a means to mine materials from rocks and other hard materials encountered on space missions. This helped boost interest in the capacity of sound to generate force, including the power necessary to levitate physical objects.

Compared to stories of heavy stones lifted high into the air by chanting and drum-playing monks, the achievements of 21 st century scientists may not seem impressive. But they do show that sound waves can be used to accomplish amazing things, and controlled experiments are more authoritative than unproven anecdotes from the distant past.  

Acoustic levitation is real, and as scientists learn more about how it works their ability to harness it will likely advance by leaps and bounds. 

Regardless of whether you believe acoustic levitation was used to construct the pyramids of Giza, stone hedge, or the coral castle near Miami Florida, one thing is for certain. Acoustic levitation is real, and Scientists across the world are studying this phenomenon; even NASA, as I mentioned earlier.

Once again, blurring the line between science and fiction.

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