Like Two Skies For The Same Map: Best Flash Fiction

This flash fiction piece, “Like Two Skies” was recently written by Willy Martinez, in response to the accompanying artwork by Rob Hakemo on Instagram, here.

Like a map with two skies, 
as if two worlds overlapped 
on the same dimensional frequency, 
collapsing on one another.

The space purveyor had immersed from 
the disastrous collision. 
Thrown thousands of miles, 
even leagues across time, 
they survived. 

Fully understanding that they had become the parent of all mankind!

Finding themselves stuck between two worlds - 
up becomes down and down becomes up.

In the north sky? - a cast of hawks materialize while still in flight. Gliding in their path, a murder of crows is flying towards the hawks, growing louder and louder.

All nature will collide in time.

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"Like two skies" flash fiction at Mind on Fire Books
“Like two skies” flash fiction at Mind on Fire Books

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