Timpani Abrasions: A Poem by Thor S. Carlsson

The girth, the mirth, the barren terraformed
satellite-turned second earth,
devolved, deformed split species mirror-human birth
Nonsurgical fixtures gleam on crescent fang
Dental textural, non-gender explosive bang
Immaculate leper gestations abound in timpani abrasions
Inside a cosmic elder giant’s molecule
Within a planetary, Mercury sized space station
Sobriquets and amulets, Montagues and Capulets
That’s how the new generation acts out elation
Sleep-like window walker vanishes
At the blink of a one-eyed neuro-stalker
That advances in choreographed cubensis
Symbiotic dances, each step, slowly leapt
Violently performing parasitic stalking
Curses and uvulas, labias dark union kept
The undead walking, mutes are talking
Jagged, hesitant, like Christopher Walken
Neptune beckons, beacons shine, Balkan sea
Screams at me, calls my name, calls out to me
Now is not my time. I can’t swim so leave me be
Laboriously oratorical front headline editorial
Darkens the shaded tears of passing at my memorial

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Thor S. Carlsson is an Icelandic writer, poet and musician. Thor is listed as an Amazon author with a short story collection called, “Somnambulist Sonata,” and with a short story listed in Writers in Lockdown. You can read more of his poetry at at Instagram, here.


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I have always been attracted to the metaphysical; this blog and press is my exploration of the interjacent genres of horror, sci-fi, and fantasy. ​

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