How Andrea Bonazi Easily Fooled The Masses With Art

No, The Viral Image is Not of a stone door Found In Samarkand, Uzbekistan; Here’s The Truth…

An image of a intricately carved artefact is going viral on social media with a claim that it shows an old stone door found in Samarkand, Uzbekistan in 1903.

We locked onto this thread because we found it to be somewhat Lovecraftian in nature, and we were correct!

The post is viral with a caption that reads somethinge along the lines of, “Archeologists discover ancient portal in Semarkant, with the portal now being owned in a private art collection, 1903.”

But the truth is that the image was uploaded by Instagram user Andrea Bonazzi on May 1, 2021. Apart from being a translator and non-fiction writer, Andrea also creates lovecraftian sculptures and photomontages which are a collector’s delight.

However, the image has been shared numerous times, being used to either mislead or simply be put out of context.

Here’s how Andrea Bonazi fooled the masses … she is just that good. Check out some of her awesome artwork below!

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Andrea Bonazi fools masses with art
Andrea Bonazi fools masses with art

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