“Sundays” – An Expiremental Set of Haiku Poems For Pool Lovers

With Labor Day here, we can begin counting down the days until Summer ends. But before it does, let’s get out there and take in as much sun as we can!

This is an expiramental set of Haiku Poems that are meant to be read together. Why write one Haiku, when you can write six?


Today I sun bathe
And think about what I'd say
'bout this lovely day

I float around now
Looking up at leaves reflect
Sunlight like tin foil

Waves cascade alike
Rythmically insync the two
my thoughts come alive

Applied to think loud
and feel the summer's heat take hold
firmly press me down

Onto this floatie
captive to the Rays of gold
showering me

Feeding me some health
resting  back to jubilee 
I take it all in

Breathe in as deeply
as my chest expands fullly
exhaling ease

Photo by Toa Heftiba at Unsplash. If you would like to read more from Willy Martinez, click here, or read more at The Ritual Blog.

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