Hiking Photos From Snake Road at Shawnee National Forest

Let's kick this one off with a short Haiku, inspired by the photos taken at Snake Road at LaRue-Pine Hills in the Shawnee National Forest. 

"One of those moments 
Where you snap a Kodak pic,
Freezing time in place."

My daughter is more adventure and mischief than she is into dolls and dresses. Actually, she has never been into dolls… or dresses.

She prefers Lizards, snakes, mystery and adventure! This trip to snake road was actually upon her request. I had recently purchased a small booklet on the snakes of Southern Illinois and it talked about snake road. Once I mentioned it to her, she was fixated on it and that we had to go. Personally, I love the outdoors and hiking, so I’m thinking, ‘yeah, my plan worked!”

We waited for a perfect sunny day, packed up some snacks and water, along with the appropriate kids out door adventure vest.

Our trip to La Rue Pine Hills in Union County was a hike to remember. We were able to see four small snakes on our hike; dozens of birds, including cardinals, and hawks; multiple frogs; various ponds; and hundreds of beautiful trees, plants and shrubs.

Here are some photos of the area that I took with a Canon 5D camera.

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