“The Lost Ghost” – A Classic Gothic Horror

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“The Lost Ghost,” is part of our FREE classic Gothic haunt giveaway. We are giving away two classic haunts by Mary E. Wilkins, born on October 31st, 1852. All we are asking for is an honest review.

Wilkins was at first dismissed as a serious writer because of her Feminine subjects. However, more recent scholarship has argued the importance of her work regarding spinster heroines or abandoned ghost children. Below we provide a summary of “The Lost Ghost.”

The Lost Ghost

"The Lost Ghost" - A Classic Gothic Horror
“The Lost Ghost” – A Classic Gothic Horror

The story of “The Lost Ghost” begins with two women conversing while they sew. Mrs. Meserve tells the story of a fine house that has just been rented but has been said to be haunted, declaring that she is done with haunted homes, yet she then goes into a story about her past experience with a haunted situation and the ghost story thus begins.

As a young lady, Mrs. Meserve moved into a house with roommates, Mrs. Bird and Mrs. Dennison. Mrs. Meserve tells how she had just started school as a teacher and it was a cold year so she had a heavy coat to keep warm.

One night while staying up she heard the sounds of a “very timid” knock with “little hands” at her door which she at first dismissed.

She offered for them to enter but when they didn’t, Mrs. Meserve got up to check. She opened the door to the smell of what she associated with a cellar and noticed a little face holding up her heavy coat the little face says: “I can’t find my mother.” The child then flitters away and Mrs. Meserve calls to her landladies for help.

The two roommates were aware of the hauntings and had come to accept the little lost ghost girl. Mrs. Meserve decided to stay regardless of the lost ghost and came to learn that the child had been poorly treated by her mother and father. The child was abandoned and found dead in one of the bedrooms by the townspeople. Then one morning Mrs. Bird wasn’t feeling too well and stayed in bed. During breakfast, Mrs. Meserve noticed a shadow walk by the window and when she got up to look she noticed the little girl walking hand in hand with Mrs. Bird. Mrs. Bird had died that morning.

We are giving away two classic haunts by Mary E. Wilkins. All we are asking for is an honest review.

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