Mind on Fire Books publishes beautifully deluxe and signed and numbered hardcover editions, trade paperback editions, and e-book editions. Mind on Fire Books specializes in publishing horror, dark fantasy, Supernatural thrillers, and translated materials.

The fiction goals of our company focus on collating some of the most popular, and also unheard of horror texts, as well as original texts which speak to readers whom enjoy the classic art of occult and gothic literature.  This non-fictional element will also focus on personal essays and memoire manuscripts.  Fusing both fiction and non-fiction theory in our publications will draw readers of the occult who search for entertainment purposes and personal knowledge.

The problem we address is pedigree.  There are many small presses that lack good marketing, web presence or customer service.  There is a lot of good indie horror that goes under because of poor craftsmanship, here at MinFire Imprint, we take pride in our work.   


Our authors can be contacted for interview and speaking requests through our email address. 

Manuscript submissions

In the first instance send us an email with an outline proposal and one sample chapter attached as a word document along with an author biography and links to any previously published work. We do not accept shotgun approaches and expect you to be familiar with both our titles and our ethos. We will reply courteously to all approaches that follow these simple guidelines.

Artists & Illustrators

We welcome work from artists and illustrators for inclusion in, or collaboration on, future titles.

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