Phantom World

“Raw and unnerving. Braun’s horror pieces have the ability to get under your skin. This collection of short stories is visceral and at times uncomfortable.”

Leslie Wiseman,
Phantom World: Hard Core Haunts

Not for the faint of heart. These tales will have you cringing, turning your head, and wondering what kind of sick person would write such content. The answer to that question would be – A.R. Braun. His goal as a writer is to one day be included on the “banned books” list.

This collection of Hard-core horrors is his latest attempt in infamy. And honestly, these stories are brutal.

While some of the ectoplasmic beings in these stories may come across as innocent at times, their stories unfold into gore heavy tales that will let you know exactly why these phantoms were not allowed into the heaven or even allowed to have a “peaceful” afterlife.

With such harsh karma affecting their transitions, it’s no wonder why these phantoms have chosen to haunt rather than ascend. They simply can’t. The tales concocted here are tales of tormented souls out for revenge, or they are finding ways to fight off the boredom that comes with eternal damnation.

If you are looking for hard-core, this is the collection for you.

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So keep the lights on, and don’t read these tales alone. Who knows if you’ll be haunted next, or reach the end of the line?

A.R. Braun writes this book from his own personal experiences in dabbling with the occult and esoteric. As horror author of over 14 publications, this collection of ghost stories spans over 9 years of writing experience. And simply put, the ghosts in this anthology are jerks.

Phantom World Book Cover ISBN: 978-1-7361447-2-5

What People Are Saying

“Phantom World is a collection of 8 short stories from horror author A.R. Braun. The stories deal with vicious experiences with the afterlife. These are visceral tales of encounters with ghosts, demons and angels, where the ethereal doesn’t so much enter our world, but tears its way inside.

The stories concern everyday people who encounter the supernatural, often by chance, with devastating effect. There is at times a religious bent to the encounters, with ghosts visiting a terrible revenge for past sins, or dragging their victims to an eternity in hell. Flesh is ripped and torn, but the ultimate horror is the knowledge that there is no escaping their fate, often an eternal one.

There are elements of Clive Barker in the telling of these 8 macabre tales, with brutal frankness, and an anger at the unjust nature of life, death, and a capricious god. The tales, like the judgements within, pass quickly and savagely. They are easy to read, but linger afterwards. An enjoyable collection for fans of the nastier side of horror.”

– Dean Makin, Horror Critic

“I’ll start with how much I enjoyed the book; it had all the spookiness I was looking for. All the stories keep on the theme of death and the paranormal, and that’s awesome. They were all easy short reads that were easily understood and digestible, and each of the stories had their own unique chill. Some were gruesome, others disturbing, and others just had that aura of creepiness and suspense. They were all great stories in all their own ways.

My Favorite short story was probably “Beyond Death.” The interactions between the ghost of Kaiti and Lily were quirky, yet relatable, but I loved how much it delved into the insanity being in purgatory would cause. At first, sure, some activities would seem fun. But how long would the fun last before you truly began to go insane?

Being dead would be bad enough, but the endlessness of everything would make it so much worse. The emptiness, the boredom? This book definitely saves the best for last.

This is a great collection of horror stories, and it was refreshing to read stories that didn’t hold back on the gore and unhappy endings. Very creepy and disturbing, but that’s why we read horror!”

Taylor D. Levesque, Horror Writer

“The collection as a whole is creepily gory and creative. The diversity in characters and scenarios in this collection really make it a fun and entertaining read. I really loved the last story, with the cute ghost familiar and teenage ghost!”

Willy Martinez, author of “On Writing Horror”

Table of Contents

  • The Woman Wore Black: An eerie woman in black creeps to the door of a well-to-do man, who’s in for the fright of his life.
  • The Hat Man: A man beaten-down by life suffers as the two hours of rest he gets every night is ruined by sleep paralysis.
  • That Chick in Stilettos: A young writer finally chases down his crush, only to find they’ve crossed over to the other realm.
  • Recreant: A rock ‘n’ roller is haunted by the ghost of the huge jock-hippy that bullied him while alive, and the poor man will never be the same.
  • Grannie’s Pickle: A man who was controlled by his grandmother can’t shake her violent specter now that she’s dead.
  • Une Maison Hantee: An American moves to France, where his dreams come true, then gets assaulted from the beyond.
  • Nil Caveat: A unsuspecting gent moves into the apartment of the devil.
  • Beyond Death: A sixteen-year-old who thought she was in love with a man now has to get used to being a ghost—and, of course, there’s no way to get used to being a ghost.

About the Author

Once completing the Bram-Stoker-Award-nominated Jeremy Shipp’s Boot Camp, A. R. Braun writes the following novels: Dogman of Illinois, Heaven’s Witches, Autonomy, and Only Women in Hell. As well as publishing the short-story collections: Insanity, Horror Book, Grimoire, and the novella, 66SICK.

He became interested in horror when he read “The Telltale Heart,” as an assignment in high school. By the time he was eighteen, he owns the whole Stephen King collection and begins writing short stories for friends and family.

A. R. holds numerous publication credits, including “NREM Sleep” in the D.O.A. anthology; “Freaks” in Downstate Story magazine; “The Unwanted Visitors” in the Vermin anthology; “Coven” in the Heavy Metal Horror anthology; “Remember Me?” in Horror Bound magazine; and “Shades of Gray (the Symbiosis of Light and Dark)” in Micro Horror magazine.

“The Interloper” wins story of the month in 2009’s June Full Moon in Bloom issue of SNM Horror Magazine, and the piece was included in the SNM Horror anthology, Bonded by Blood 2: a Romance in Red.

A.R. Braun is a featured writer in our fiction anthology, “Mad Men” – a collection of three disturbing tales exploring what lies within man. Available now at Google BooksBarnes and NobleKoboApple iBooksSmashwords, and Amazon.

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