The Different Writing Styles? : The Four Types of Writers

Have you ever wondered what type of writing styles you have? Fully aware of the various methodologies and writing pedagogy taught across America, here, we share a video produced by professional fiction editor, Ellen Brock, identifying different types of writers. In this video she breaks down the four types of writers that she has experienced in her career:

The Plotter: A writer who plans their story before writing the first draft.

The Pantser: A writer who “flies by the seat of their pants” when writing the first draft (doesn’t plan).

The Intuitive: A writer who bases their story and edits on their gut feelings and instincts.

The Methodological: A writer who bases their story and/or edits on techniques, methods, and theories.

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Writing Styles by Ellen Brock

Personally, I think I am more of an Intuitive when I’m writing fiction. But when I write copy or non-fiction, I am definitely Methodological. Which writing styles do you think you would fall under, and what do you think of this quadra break-down of the writer archetypes?

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