“The Beyond” Movie Review

The Beyond scored a 5 out of 5 hatchets from Horror Author, A.R. Braun. The Following movie review was written by dark fiction author, A.R. Braun, to be released on the Ritual Blog for Mind on Fire Books.

Fulci’s one of my favorite screenwriter-directors, and while I said last week my new favorite film is Doctor Sleep, my favorite all-time movie is The Beyond.

Liza (Catriona MacColl) has inherited her uncle’s ramshackle hotel in New Orleans. Under the building, a basement? Probably. One of the seven doorways to Hell? Definitely.

The Beyond Movie Review for Mind on Fire Books

This door has opened before, and it will open again. Evil forces grab her dog, leaving her feeling raped and hopeless. One of the most brilliant shots ever has a closing-in reveal of a woman and her seeing-eye dog. This is a portent, for impending gore awaits her, when she’s stabbed in the eye.

Review by Horror Writer, A.R. Braun. Check out his Dark Fiction masterpiece, “Grimoire,” here.

Thrilling camera shots abound. Fulci’s soft lighting plops onto the character’s faces. The outdoor shots are grainy and surreal. A terrifying tarantula scene will be burned into your mind.

The Beyond Movie Review by A.R. Braun

Out of the evil door come zombies. Ghosts abound, able to be harmed in the flesh. All right, it’s got its faults, but it’s still a major player from the golden age of horror, this film 1981.

People will tell you The Beyond is a ripoff of Argento’s Suspiria and isn’t as good, but don’t you believe it. Definitely inspired. One thing’s for sure, It’s an eye-popping, creepy-crawling classic. Don’t miss it! It’s only $3.99 to rent in HD—$2.99 in SD—on Prime Video.

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