The Best, 24th Century Dick by Daniel Smallegange: Book Review

The 24th Century Dick by Daniel Smallegange scores a 5 out of 5 coffees mugs. Who would think that a sci-fi reality, disguised with a classic noir cast, would be as entertaining as this one is?

“Of all the planets in the Galaxy, she had to crash into mine”

Molloy, in 24th Century Dick

I have not read a book this fun in a long time! Probably not since I read some Mark Twain in a graduate course. Daniel Smallegange produces a high-paced action sci-fi book, with a hilariously, cool noir twist.

Not only is 24th Century Dick a real page-turner with action scenes, Daniel really has taken the noir genre and pulled out some real genuine character tropes from that era. Despite the events taking place within inter-planetary constructs, the feelings and emotions play out in this book like familiar relationships.

The 24th Century Dick by Daniel Smallegange: Book Review
The 24th Century Dick by Daniel Smallegange: Book Review

I can also tell that Daniel Smallegange really took his time with the layout and production of the book itself. I mention this because oftentimes, as indie writers, we don’t always produce the best physical product because we focus more on the content. The book cover is a perfect match for the book, as well as incorporating creative little logos which are better understood after reading the book, yet, equally enthralling at first view, making you wonder what the little creative logos are really all about.

How Do You Even Know If You Got A Good Deal?

From the initial crash scene where Lucy crash lands a stolen spaceship at the doorsteps of a private detective, Molloy, the reader is immersed in this crazy world where it appears that not many people can be trusted, aliens like to drink and do drugs – often, and a place where murder just seems like something you survive on a daily walk to the park.

The main character, Molloy has a loving and smarter-than-him, assistant Manuel. With the help of Manuel, Molloy embarks on an all-expenses-paid investigation into a stolen artifact and mysterious person. Along the journey, we meet my favorite character of all, Amoz. He is a big dumb-dumb, but he’s really the kind of guy we all want or should have in our lives. He is dependable and saves Molloy various times. I have to admit, I grew a serious attachment to this big loving guy that Molloy brings to every fight.

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The best part of having a cast of intergalactic noir stars drink like they are pregaming for a college rager is the fact that they can cure the hangover with a small pill the following morning. Thus, giving the characters freedom to do it all over again for our amusement. The slapstick humor is just spot-on and witty as sci-fi can get.

I really, really, enjoyed this book thoroughly and read it quickly (which I rarely do) because it was so humorous and fast-paced. And I highly recommend purchasing 24th Century Dick by Daniel Smallegange or at least put it on your TBR (TO-Be-Read) list.

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Book Synopsis Transcribed from 24th Century Dick

“Of all the planets in the galaxy, she had to crash into mine. In a fiery burst of splendour and mayhem, she came in, destroying all before her in a cacophonous rush of smoke and fire and burning debris of which, I would bet, the insurance won’t even begin to cover. Also, the dry cleaning bill will be murder on my favourite pair of slacks…”

Thus begins the epic science-fiction comedy: 24th Century Dick, about a down on his luck private detective named Molloy who just can’t seem to get a break. That is until the beautiful and enigmatic Lucy Morrow-Schleswinginger crashes a stolen spaceship practically at Molloy’s door. She has a case and is hot for more reasons than the fact her dress is still smoldering.

The 24th Century Dick by Daniel Smallegange: Book Review
The 24th Century Dick by Daniel Smallegange: Book Review

The case; to find the mysterious and possibly cursed Famous Jewelled PHallus of Arkon III the Credulous, a mythical and priceless artifact she dubiously claims was stolen from her. All Molloy cares about is his empty wallet, however, and the four hundred credits a day plus expenses she is willing to pay. He takes the case and along with his trusty assistant Manuel, embarks on a crazy hunt across inter-stellar space.

Adventures with over-sensitive elevators, pacifist hired goons, purple ladies of the night, Frankenstein-esque publicans, revolutionary robot bartenders, the Benevolent Fascist Society, a ship named Ship, bounty hunters, and more bumbling space cops than you can shake a wet blaster at will have readers chuckling throughout this hilarious noir detective sci-fi adventure.

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