Sugary Sweet: Poem by Thor S. Carlsson

We would like to introduce you to Thor. Thor submits his content from far away, living in Iceland! Thor S. Carlsson is an Icelandic writer, poet, and musician.

Main photo used by Camila Quintero FrancoHire.

I can see black roses in pill form
Through infrared scanning
Inside the sanctum of two lovers,
The heart you hold is the one you break
The shaded hours where the minutes are dated
Years stripped, bare bones to be cremated
Drown in VHS tapes then hit tracking and rewind
Fissure filled comatose nectar seeps through the mind
Flicker in and out in the wrong crowd, not your kind
You were down with Jonestown
Sugary sweet Kool-Aid permanent showdown
A village of smiles coerced into a frown

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Thor S. Carlsson

Thor S. Carlsson is an Icelandic writer, poet and musician. Thor is listed as an Amazon author with a short story collection called, “Somnambulist Sonata,” and with a short story listed in Writers in Lockdown. You can read more of his poetry at at Instagram, here.


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