Your Name is Perfect for Screaming in Despair: Poem by Thor S. Carlsson

Detuned barren wombs within non-therapeutic mirror rooms
Infectious death looms above doom-filled graveyard tombs
Your name is perfect for screaming in despair
Believe me, I heard it, I was there, I am always near
I am fear and I am dread and I am the sickness in your head
Red walls become green become black become see through
Then I attack, I see you, actually, I now have perfect view
A harrowing tale through the eyes of a sparrow blinking in allegro
Perception’s minefield is home to my perceived unkind yield
Mindsets upon sanity upon infinite grips of the world’s reality
You are a casualty lighting up my consumption plague fertility
Within me is a blood distillery, mental refinery, and both align for me
Grinding the sick into jewels that adorn me as jewelry
Bow your head and be afraid of me, I will come for you eventually

Art in main feature image is photographed by Christopher Campbell.

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Thor. S. Carlsson

Thor S. Carlsson is an Icelandic writer, poet and musician. Thor is listed as an Amazon author with a short story collection called, “Somnambulist Sonata,” and with a short story listed in Writers in Lockdown. You can read more of his poetry at at Instagram, here.

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