Their First Time – Flash Fiction Horror Response to Art

Their First Time Flash Fiction

“Their First Time,” is a flash fiction horror piece was written in response to Cult Class’s art, and in hopes of getting into the Halloween/Fall vibes.

It was their first time. They knew the fields would be empty on this Easter Sunday. The thought of popping their cherries was on both of their minds.

Teenagers were known to park here to get frisky. It was only a matter of time before the boy in the car put the moves on the girl.

From the tree line, the others wait. Noticing the girl remove her shirt and lean back on the seat, the group bled out from the tree line. With weapons in hand, disguised by the sheets, they march towards the young love birds.

The group was out to make an example of these two. This group would forever be known as the October people by the ‘calling card’ they leave behind; pumpkin guts mixed with the blood of the slain.

This was their first.

Their First Time - Flash Fiction Horror Response to Art
Their First Time – Flash Fiction Horror Response to Art

We hope you enjoyed this flash fiction by Willy Martinez. Here is some more flash fiction, as well as our literature blog, The Ritual.

Image Posted by Cult Class on Instagram.

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Published by Willy Martinez

Willy Martinez is a creative writer, Integrated Marketing Specialist, and Boxing coach. Since being honorably discharged from the Marines in 2004, he has pursued his passion for telling stories, whether they be through film, graphic design, and writing for digital art.

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