A Mayan Love Story: The Legend of Cenote Zaci

A Mayan Love Story: The Legend of Cenote Zaci

The Mayans have a long history of incredible stories and legends, but few are as beloved and iconic as the legend of Cenote Zaci. This is a classic tale of star-crossed lovers and the timeless power of love to overcome any obstacle. Join us for an unforgettable journey back in time to explore this beautiful story and experience its legacy.

A long time ago there were two families that shared the power of the town of Zací: the Cocom and the Cupules. The village healer and sorceress was the head of the Cocom family, a powerful and influential old woman with a granddaughter called Sac Nicté or “white flower.” For his part, the Halach Huinic, belonging to the Cupules, had a son, Prince Hul-kin. Both young people had a friendship that culminated in a passionate love.

The Mayan Legend of Cenote Zaci

Upon learning of this relationship, the chief decided to send the young man to a distant town establishing an alliance so that Hul-kin would marry his princess. Due to the strong love that Sac Nicté felt for the prince, upon learning of his departure, he lost his joy and that sparkle in his eyes. Without more power, she confessed to her grandmother that she was pregnant with Hul-kin.

The sorceress promised the young woman that she would use all her power to bring the prince back. However, when Sac Nicté found out about Hul-kin’s wedding, she decided to tie a stone to her beautiful hair and throw herself into the cenote.

Right at that moment, the prince felt a great pain right in his heart, this took him back to Zací only to find out that his beloved had died. Prisoner of pain, Hul-kin also threw himself into the cenote, letting himself drown to show Sac Nicté the great love he felt for her. The sorceress, seeing this act, said: “I have fulfilled you, Sac Nicté, I have brought you back to your love.”

At the same time, he cast a curse on the cenote, it would take the life of a young man to honor the love of Sac Nicté and Hul-kin.

The Siguanaba / La Siguanaba

Delve into an ancient tale of the Spanish conquest of the Mayan lands in Latin America and discover the truth behind La Siguanaba. Experience a story full of suspense, mystery, and adventure as you uncover the secrets of this mythical being.

La Siguanaba is a mysterious figure in Central American folklore that has captured the imagination of many. She is a supernatural woman figure who appears to men in the night, often with a beautiful face and long hair, but hides her true form behind it.

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